Health problems you can solve by eating 1 banana a day!

Hi everyone welcome back…

Most of us nowadays “do not have time” to eat healthy and thus opt for fast food and industrialized food. But lack of time is no excuse.
There are good choices of healthy foods that are easy to be transported (to work, school, college or anywhere else) and simple to be prepared.
We are talking about fruits like bananas.
The banana is delicious, but its forte is not just the taste. It is very medicinal and can cure some health problems better than certain medicines sold in pharmacies.
Its power is due to large amount of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. So it is very good for your health to eat this fruit every day
And do not need too many bananas.
It is enough for you to develop the habit of eating two bananas every day for good things to happen in your body.
Want to know why?
Here’s what the banana can do:
Regulate menstruation
Some women have the deregulated menstrual cycle.
Recent studies have found that banana helps regulate the cycle, produce hormones and give more strength to the body.
Power supply
No wonder athletes love bananas. It is rich in potassium and other nutrients that make it an excellent source of energy.
Relieves stress
If you walk with mood, anxiety and stress problems, you can count on the amino acids of the banana.
In addition, it contains magnesium and calcium, which protect against depression.
Take care of the heart
This fruit is rich in calcium and has little salt, being super recommendable for those who have problems in the heart or want to prevent.
You can also invest in it to help treat hypertension.
Aids memory
There are a lot of people with weak memories, right? Because eating a banana a day helps to treat this problem.
Fight anemia
The banana has iron, which increases the level of hemoglobin and helps a lot in the treatment of anemia.
Great for pregnancy
Banana is a great ally for pregnant women because it fights diseases and keeps the blood sugar level well balanced.
Fight ulcers
Want to protect your stomach from ulcers?
The banana creates a special layer and reduces the chances of this evil.
In addition, it regulates the production of the various acids in the stomach.
TPM combat
Glucose in the blood can affect mood, especially in PMS.
The banana has six essential vitamins to regulate glucose, such as vitamin B6. So no pills to fight PMS, right?
Prevents constipation
Because it has a high fiber content, the banana (especially the mature one) maintains the order of the intestinal transit. But in this case prefer the ripe banana, richer in mucilage that will lubricate the intestine and help in elimination.

See you soon.


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