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We present in this post the new selection of creative packaging!..

Froot Loop

A group of Indian designers developed this new concept to better pack the product.



This ORIKAMI set promotes creativity and encourages family buy origami as a birthday gift for friends

Amazing toilet paper


A truly creative designer of Japan Kazuaki Kawahara, Latona Marketing, had this original idea to make fruit-shaped packaging. And that for simple paper napkins!


Gift box  Alice in Wonderland 

Arianne Amores  a designer from Portugal, invented this package as your academic project. Are small boxes containing chocolates, a small gift and a few notes. Of course, the notes say ‘ Eat me ‘ ‘ drink me ‘ and other messages that are in the famous book by Lewis Carroll.




This was an ingenious conception of the Australian HubGroup agency 



This is a project jointly developed by French designer Olympia Le Tan icing with Pierre Marcolini.


       fruit on a juice glass Siya


This bottle guarantees  that the juice you are about to take was made only with natural fruits.


Packing for flowers

This is sure to be the future of packaging for the flowers.


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