The best chewy brownies!

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Let’s get Cooking …

Place the bittersweet chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water. Stir until fully melted, then remove from the heat.

Gradually whisk in the sugar and add the eggs one at a time, mixing after each addition. Add the cocoa powder and the pinch of salt.

Gently fold the flour into the mixture with a rubber spatula and add the mini chocolate chips.

Pour the mixture into a square 9 × 9-inch cake pan that has been butter and lined with parchment paper, ensuring that excess parchment paper is hanging off both sides. Smooth the surface of the batter and bake at 350F for 60-80 minutes or until fully cooked.

Place the pan on a wire rack and allow the brownies to cool completely while still in the pan.

Then slice and enjoy your brownies!


12 oz bittersweet chocolate, melted

1 cup unsalted butter, melted

3 cups granulated sugar

6 eggs

½ cup cocoa powder

Pinch of salt

1 ¼ cups all-purpose flour

¾ cup mini chocolate chips.

​How to get a stain on your back! 

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Homemade recipes and simple.

1.One recipe for removing spines from the back is the call for cucumber, for which, in addition to half a cucumber, it takes 100 ml of water, two drops of lavender essential oil and four leaves of mint. To prepare it is necessary to cut the cucumber into thin slices and in a container let rest with the other ingredients for a whole day. Afterwards, simply strain the contents and store in a pack with a lid in the refrigerator, and its duration is only one week. During this time, you can apply the solution to your back every day with the help of cotton (and someone to get the toner in the spots on your skin). After application, do not wash the skin.

2.Another tip to soften the acne blemishes on the back is unareceite with yogurt. To do so, you need a jar of natural yogurt, a celery stem and the juice of a lemon. You need to chop the celery well and mix it with the other ingredients, then store in the refrigerator in a pot with a lid. The best time to apply this recipe on the skin is at night, being that you need to keep the mixture on the stained areas for 15 minutes. At the end, just wash your back with lukewarm water.

3.  Sudacream  ointment also helps to reduce pimple and blackheads stains, and a recipe for the product consists of mixing one tube of the ointment with a pack of Nívea Creme and two ampoules of vitamin A. The mixture should be well homogeneous and stored In a pot, preferably sterilized and capped. This recipe can be applied twice a day until the pimple and blackhead marks on your back are softened. For the treatment to be more efficient, it is best that the skin is exfoliated before receiving the application. Also, before passing the paste, the skin should be clean and the prescription should act on your back for half an hour. After this time, simply rinse with plenty of water well where the cream was applied.

4.Another very effective home recipe is mixing a Bepantol (from the product itself) cap, an egg white and a tablespoon of magnesia milk. After stirring all the ingredients well in a container until a homogeneous paste is formed, it is already possible to apply it to the parts of the back where there are the spots of pimples and blackheads. Then wait an hour while the product acts on your skin. At the end of the wait, you must rinse your back with plenty of water. To show the expected results, the mixture should be passed on the skin once a day, every other day, until two weeks have elapsed.

​The Secret to Saving Strawberries!

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Do you know the best way to store strawberries in the refrigerator without letting them rot in mold after 48 hours? Do not know? I calculated … The miraculous and shocking formula is to immerse the fruit in hot water for a short time. In fact it is not hot water, it is water at 52º C. And in fact it is also not for a short time, it is for a very rigorous 30 seconds.Now that you have been through those feelings of shock that is seeing the red fruits bake in hot water, it is best to give some explanations. The technique was invented by Harold McGee, a food scientist who tested various temperatures and various time periods before reaching the fruity happiness formula. The findings were revealed to the world in an article published by McGee in The New York Times. And they have been tested by various blogs and news sites like the respected The Kitchn. The result has always been the same: the hot water technique retains the red fruits for longer.You just need to follow these five steps:Heat the water to 52º C on low heat (it is better to have a thermometer, but at 50º C it also works). Place the strawberries in the pan for 30 seconds, strictly timed. Remove the strawberries from the water and dry them well. Cool them and place them in a tupperware with a sheet of kitchen paper folded in the bottom and the lid partially closed. Store the tupperware in the refrigerator drawer.

The justification is that the hot water bath suppresses the development of mold on red fruits, grapes and stone fruits such as plums, peaches or cherries. The technique is called thermotherapy and is advocated in several studies by agricultural experts.

Planet is wonderful!


He can’t get enough of us with beautiful things, large or small…


The balloon festival in Bristol, Great Britain



Scotland highlands waterfalls


Water hole of the Serra da Estrela Portugal



Algarve Portugal Cave Beach



Koh muk thailand



Mount Fuji Japan


Aspen Alpine Lifestyle Hotel_Grindelwald.JPG

Lake brinez  switzerland



The shell San Sebastian Spain



Provence France Lavender Fields



Cinque Terre National Park  italy



Greece Santorini Greek Islands

wonderful to see and pity that human beings don’t save take good care of planet Earth.












My 24 facts!

My facts



1.  I have 33 years
2. My birthday is in October
3. I live in London, but I’m from portugal
4. I grew up on the farm
5. I paint my blond hair honey and I have green eyes light blue is my favorite color
6. My favorite movie is pretty woman
7. My favorite movie genres are comedies, action, romance
8. My favorite book  Marley & Me
9. My favorite games the sims4
10. I love animals
11. My favorite animal is the cat
12. I don’t like snakes and spiders
13. love cooking Portuguese food
14. My favorite dish is cod with cream
15. My dessert cheesecake Strawberry and mint ice cream
16. I don’t like kiwi
17. I like strawberries, grapes and watermelon
18. I’m crazy about cheese
19. I love hot tea and ice
20. I drink coffee with milk
21. I don’t drink alcohol
22. I love plants
23. My favorite plant is the Orchid
24. trip was for France, Spain,

Natural products!

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Rose water The rose water is a distillate obtained from the rose petals. This aromatic product purifies and soothes the skin, fight inflammation, gives freshness to the skin, eliminates the scaling and the brightness of the fat. In General, works with any type of skin and is easy to use. Simply apply with a cotton in the morning and in the evening on the clean skin.



Peach oil The peach is a cosmetic oil with healing properties super efficient. He gives elasticity to the skin, helps to eliminate pimples and let her face with a natural gloss super cute.




Today Earth Day!



Google’s doodle for Earth Day sends a pertinent message about climate change as scientists and others gear up for the March for Science on Saturday.

In a series of illustrations, the Google doodle tells the story of a sleeping fox that has a nightmare about the consequences of climate change, featuring melted icebergs and dead plants. Disturbed, the fox enlists two friends to be more thoughtful about conservation—the trio eat vegetables, grow plants, ride bikes and use solar energy.

Google also offered conservation tips for Earth Day, reminding people to turn off lights, plant trees, eat locally sourced food and avoid driving.

by: Mahita Gajanan