dry shampoos Batiste!

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The dry shampoos Batiste are classic since the 70. They have been the secret weapon of women who understand, because they renew hair between washings instantly

thWith Batiste dry shampoos are stunning and wires with a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness, plus volume and additional texture. Turn all your days in days of fabulous hair with Batiste. Ideal to be used between washes, removes excess oils from the root.
Let the wires clean, loose and natural volume. He neutralizes the bad smells and still gives the feeling of freshness to the scalp.Rice starch with high absorption of fats and oils.Try Dry Shampoo!



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Health problems you can solve by eating 1 banana a day!

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Most of us nowadays “do not have time” to eat healthy and thus opt for fast food and industrialized food. But lack of time is no excuse.
There are good choices of healthy foods that are easy to be transported (to work, school, college or anywhere else) and simple to be prepared.
We are talking about fruits like bananas.
The banana is delicious, but its forte is not just the taste. It is very medicinal and can cure some health problems better than certain medicines sold in pharmacies.
Its power is due to large amount of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. So it is very good for your health to eat this fruit every day
And do not need too many bananas.
It is enough for you to develop the habit of eating two bananas every day for good things to happen in your body.
Want to know why?
Here’s what the banana can do:
Regulate menstruation
Some women have the deregulated menstrual cycle.
Recent studies have found that banana helps regulate the cycle, produce hormones and give more strength to the body.
Power supply
No wonder athletes love bananas. It is rich in potassium and other nutrients that make it an excellent source of energy.
Relieves stress
If you walk with mood, anxiety and stress problems, you can count on the amino acids of the banana.
In addition, it contains magnesium and calcium, which protect against depression.
Take care of the heart
This fruit is rich in calcium and has little salt, being super recommendable for those who have problems in the heart or want to prevent.
You can also invest in it to help treat hypertension.
Aids memory
There are a lot of people with weak memories, right? Because eating a banana a day helps to treat this problem.
Fight anemia
The banana has iron, which increases the level of hemoglobin and helps a lot in the treatment of anemia.
Great for pregnancy
Banana is a great ally for pregnant women because it fights diseases and keeps the blood sugar level well balanced.
Fight ulcers
Want to protect your stomach from ulcers?
The banana creates a special layer and reduces the chances of this evil.
In addition, it regulates the production of the various acids in the stomach.
TPM combat
Glucose in the blood can affect mood, especially in PMS.
The banana has six essential vitamins to regulate glucose, such as vitamin B6. So no pills to fight PMS, right?
Prevents constipation
Because it has a high fiber content, the banana (especially the mature one) maintains the order of the intestinal transit. But in this case prefer the ripe banana, richer in mucilage that will lubricate the intestine and help in elimination.

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The eighth wonder of the world arrives in Lisbon!


Portugal’s capital Lisbon, the tejo river…


Lisbon received the latest wonder of MSC Cruises fleet, MSC Meraviglia, after your baptism on Saturday in Le Havre, where it was opened by the legendary and godmother of all ships of MSC Cruises, Sophia Loren.
The thirteenth ship of the fleet has 171.598 tonnes gross tonnage and capacity for 5.714 passengers, and is the largest ship to be built by a European cruise company and also the biggest ship to be delivered in 2017.
Features that differentiate the MSC Meraviglia: world-class Entertainment of Cirque du Soleil, with two exclusive Cirque du Soleil shows at Sea, created just for the MSC Meraviglia which will consist of two performances for six nights of the week, where passengers can enjoy a unique experience of show & dinner or show & cocktail.
A greater variety of dining options and bars than in any ship MSC so far, with 12 different locations for dinner and 20 bars.
Being a family company, activities and services for children and young people are at the heart of the MSC offers travelers and the family deck area devoted includes a brand new entertainment offerings and State-of-the-art facilities for the whole family.MSC for Me, the new digital experience, created so that travelers can make the most of your holiday, by connecting them to the most desirable experiences for you.
The MSC Yacht Club with new features and luxurious accommodation covering three decks, private facilities and 24-hour Butler service.
The longest LED Sky to sea with 80 metres long, following a fantastic Mediterranean-style Promenade, with 96 metres long, built to become the social Center of the ship.
Innovative and comfortable accommodations to meet all of the requirements,



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Fashion trends summer 2017

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The new season is coming and 2017 trends are already giving thanks in stores. With that, a lot of people come to wonder: what goes in and what goes out of style next year. I wonder if it is still possible to reuse old trends without sounding “outdated”


Summer trends
Summer always brings a clear palette, flowing pieces, floral prints, to combine with the high temperatures there is nothing better.


The pattern of time are the foliage, with Palm of Adam. In fact, nature is the Belle of the ball.


Shoulder to shoulder necklines, the ciganinhas are the neckline of the time and will be the “strapless” this summer. Rectilinear-cut parts and shoulders.


Midi lengths remain and silhouette


2017 summer accessories
This summer will be the bandanas, which can be used on the neck, head, arms or tied up in the stock market.


The maxi earrings appear as focal point on the look, colourful, with drawing of foliage.


Metallic continue on high and bring sophistication and modernity to the look. Total white is always the face of summer and in this we see the earth metals and natural colors.




​These are the 10 beach destinations that are most fashionable in Portugal!

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 Beaches that are catching the attention of tourists more and more.

Portugal is rich in beaches, and it is not by chance that it is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe, which has attracted more and more people to spend summer holidays.

1.   Comporta

2.   Torres Vedras

3.   Manta Rota

4.   Sines

5.   Caminha

6.   Odeceixe

7.   Foz do Arelho

8.   Calheta

9.   Ovar

10. Porto Santo

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Cream and chocolate cheesecake!

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4 Persons doses
Cooking time 30 Minutes
+ time of cold


2 purchase pies to taste
100 g cooking chocolate
4dl cream
1 can of condensed milk
2 yogurt aroma to taste
8 gelatin leaves
Fresh fruit to decorate

Preparation instructions
Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water. Pour into a bowl the condensed milk and the yoghurt and wrap. Drain the gelatin sheets, melt in the microwave without boil and add the prepared in wire, stirring constantly.
Beat 2 dl cream in chantilly tight and wrap lightly into the cream.
Cut the cake into wedges and cover the bottom and sides of a form of removable rim. Pour the cream of cream over the top and take the cold to solidify.
The sauce: bring the stove 2 dl cream with the chopped chocolate and stir well until a smooth cream. Remove and drizzle over cheesecake. Serve garnished with fresh fruit.

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Top 10 holiday destinations in Portugal

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travel on Portuguese lands of breathtaking destinations that I have to suggest

1-Ferreira do Zêzere : known for its beautiful valleys and by the beauty of the Blue Lake.
2-Odeceixe : has one of the beaches that are classified as one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal beaches, praia de Odeceixe, the extreme north of the municipality of Aljezur, has the uniqueness of contain a river beach.
3-Abrantes : is a city that breathes history and where you can enjoy two of the largest water resources of the country: the Tagus River and the Castle of the goat.
4-Arcos de Valdevez : is one of the most beautiful lands of Minho with a characteristic charm of this region: green landscape and an abundant freshness
5-Arrifana : is much in demand by young people and foreigners who seek the beauty of the place and to practice surf waves.
6-Porto de Mós : Offers diverse natural beauty and it’s great to spend a vacation surrounded by nature
7-Mirandela : the County stands out for valuable architectural and natural heritage that has
8-Vila Verde : is notable in popular culture, handicraft, traditional cuisine and in the landscape.
9-Vila Nova de Foz Côa : heritage sights, cultural, landscaped, hotel and restaurant management.
10-Golegã : known as the capital of the horse is characterized by fair and your horses lusitanos.
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