​Never throw the coffee grounds back in the trash! 

Hi everyone welcome back!

You can not imagine what you’re missing…

We all have the habit of throwing coffee grounds in the trash without ever having been through our heads if they would be useful for anything. Well, from now on, you’re going to stop doing it, because coffee grounds have some fantastic utilities, and they’re going to be very useful in a lot of cases.

Here are some tips to use the coffee grounds!

1 – Unclog the dishwasher:

Really. At first glance what seems to be absurd is not it? But the lees untangle the dishwasher. Try it!

2- Give an end to the ants

Just make a path with the already dried sludge and “bye-bye” ants. If you do not want to dirty the cupboard or other compartment, place in a small dish the lees that works equally. In the garden you can also put an end to them. Put the whole coarse coffee on top of them.

3- Remove the bad smell from the refrigerator

Simply put the lees in the refrigerator. You can also place them inside an empty butter package and drill holes in the lid.

4. Take the cats out of the garden.

If your cat does not like using the litter box he places a dish with the coffee grounds where he usually goes and changes it weekly.

5- Great skin exfoliating.

Just follow the recipe:

1 cup of hot coffee grounds 1/2 cup of sugar or salt 1 tablespoon olive oil

Spread on the skin especially on the feet and elbows. Let it take a few minutes and then withdraw.

6- It eliminates bad smell from the drains.

Just put half a cup of coffee grounds in the drain and soon thereafter 5 cup of hot water and goodbye odor!

7- Goodbye smell of food in hands

It eliminates fish, garlic, onion, coriander and many more condiments. Just rub the coffee grounds in your hands and leave soon. Next, just wash your hands.

8- Fertilizer for plants

Put some of the coffee grounds in the plants and garden and they will be more beautiful and strong. Because it is rich in nitrogen it is an excellent fertilizer, besides protecting the roots against fungi.

I hope you enjoyed,see you soon,bye!

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