​How to Use Rose Water on the Skin!

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Rose water is considered a unique and wonderful product for the skin since antiquity, since the women of India used it as an excellent remedy to rejuvenate and make your skin more beautiful. It has countless properties that will really help to achieve a renewed, purified and much smoother and hydrated skin. If you want to experience its effects and start using this lotion on a daily basis, pay attention to the advice we give in this article on how to use rose water on the skin.

The water of roses is a refreshing lotion very beneficial for all type of skins; Used regularly will help you maintain radiant, youthful and flawless skin. The following explains its cosmetic properties:

Tones the skin: helps close the pores of the skin and returns its natural balance. It soothes the skin: cleans and purifies the skin leaving it with a velvety touch. It balances the fat: it is ideal to regulate the excessive production of fat in the skins Greasy, keeping controlled the appearance of brightness on the face.Rejuvenates the skin: it attenuates the lines of expression and protects the skin against aging.Desinflama the skins with acne or eczema.Acalma the skin irritated.Atua against signs of tiredness and skin Fatiguet

You can use rose water on the skin in different ways and with various beauty treatments depending on the effect you want to achieve. You have the option of buying rose water in perfumeries, pharmacies or specialized stores selling natural products; If you prefer, you can elaborate yourself at home following the steps that we show in the article How to make rose water.

As we have said, rose water works great as a facial tonic, and this is one of its main uses. Apply a few drops of rose water to your face after cleansing it and let the skin absorb the product completely; This will close the pores open, refresh the skin and leave it with an incredible healthy appearance. Do not worry if your skin is more sensitive, because the rose water is completely natural and does not cause irritations.If after bathing you want to give a gentle, refreshing scent to the skin, spray a little rose water on the body and let it air dry on its own. Besides the pleasant smell, your skin will be much more luminous and soft to the touch. It is also a good product to soothe the skin and avoid the appearance of balls after finishing waxing the legs.

Would you like to give your face a younger look? So, nothing better than adding rose water to some powerful anti-aging mask, which helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as combat the opacity of the skin.

We propose to elaborate a mask based on cucumber, aloe vera, lemon and rose water; To make it, mix half cucumber without peel with the gel of a leaf of aloe vera, the juice of half lemon and a tablespoon of rose water. Process all the ingredients in the blender and apply the cream obtained on the clean face leaving to act for 20 minutes.

When your feet are dry and there are cracks in the soles, you can also use rose water to moisturize the skin in that area. In this case you should mix half a glass of rose water with 2 spoonfuls of liquid glycerin and spread the resulting cream on the feet doing a massage. When finished, put on some thin stockings and sleep with them all night so that the next morning the dryness and harsh parts have disappeared.For those days when you slept little and dawned with a tired look, the water of roses can serve to disinflate the bags under the eyes and accelerate the disappearance of the dark circles. So if you want to get a look that is awake and beautiful, you just have to apply a few drops of rose water around the eyes, giving slight touches with your fingertips to reactivate the blood circulation of the area.


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