plants for indoors!

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In deciding to grow plants indoors, some important precautions must be taken into account, because not all adapt well to the home environment.



Because they are of desert regions, cacti and Succulents are fairly drought-resistant plants and long exposure to the Sun, these species have a facility to retain water, so they can stay healthy in extremely dry climates. Some species need to live in contact with direct sunlight. In this case, you can cultivate your cacti and Succulents on the parapet of the House Windows. To the little plants that prefer indirect light from the Sun, till next to Windows, but not directly exposed. Remember that some plants need light in some way, so don’t let them hidden in the shadows.



Orchids are flowering plants that cannot be exposed directly to the Sun, they need light, but never in excess. To know if your plants are healthy, note the hue of the leaves. If you’re getting yellowish, the place is with a lot of sun exposure if you are dark, the luminosity is below the necessary. Note the leaves also helps deal with possible attacks of pests, when you see spots. We need monitoring to keep everything healthy and beautiful. The ideal vessel for growing orchid is the mud, because it drains excess water and prevents the rotting of the roots.



The Peace Lily is a plant with easy adaptation. He needs to live in environments with enough lightness, in hot and humid climate, however, should not be exposed directly to the Sun, because it can burn its leaves.



For a healthy development and appropriate, Begonias should be at temperatures between 20 and 28 degrees and never directly exposed to the Sun, they adapt well to climate but need light and should be kept away from air-conditioned rooms. The excess water must also be avoided, as well as sites where the plant can feel very abrupt changes of temperature.



Violets are some of the plants to be found more easily. The ideal is to be planted in clay vases or jars, because they absorb part of the water do not allow excesses.


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