Why you should never put your suitcase on the floor!

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 you put the bag on the floor? then on the table, bed, etc and you have no idea how this habit may be spreading bacteria for your home.
They say put the case on the ground means you’re going to lose money or that it is a sign of little money, but the misfortune of this action can spend more for health
Recently we processed him why he should remove himself at the entrance of the House and never walk with your shoes on the street inside, but know that when it comes to bacteria must also pay attention to the places where your drop the bag.

Bags and cases, which are often placed on the ground and in the bathroom surfaces or other not very clean, may contain high levels of potentially harmful bacteria to health, as he concluded a study by British researchers of
the Department of Microbiology of the University of London.
As reports the magazine, the tests performed in the laboratory showed that even with only six months of operation, the bags and cases can contain bacteria like salmonella, which causes food poisoning  and 
cronobacter a bacteria that can cause meningitis in adults and children.
Therefore, think carefully before you put your purse on the floor or on dirty surfaces and lack of alternatives at least wash it well to try and eliminate

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