Pope Francis meets worshippers at Portugal’s Fatima shrine!

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The three shepherd children who had visions of the Virgin Mary in Fatima Lucia, Francisco, Jacinta.


Pope Francis as a pilgrim came to the shrine of fatima in Portugal, where he plans to make two shepherds Saints this Saturday May 13 day. It is 100 years since two-and a third child-reported seeing the Virgin Mary while tending sheep. The third is also the path to sainthood. The Pope arrived at a military airbase north of Lisbon. More than a million pilgrims are expected in Fatima. Portugal has increased border security and controls restored temporarily. Roman Catholic pilgrims have converged on the shrine of Fatima, from countries as far away as China, Venezuela and East Timor. There will be a torch lit procession of candles this Friday 12 May and a mass on Saturday. The Pope will leave Fatima soon after, ending a 24-hour trip. Two of the children, Jacinta and Francisco Marto are to be canonized on Saturday to the miracles attributed to them. They died of flu pandemic 1918-1919. The so-called three secrets of Fatima were written down by your cousin, Lucia dos Santos, who died in 2005 97 aged. For her, the process of beatification began in 2008 the Church attaches great value to their visions, as Mary is believed to have revealed truths to help humanity. The Church says that the first vision came on 13 May 1917.In a video message to the people of Portugal, he was going to introduce Mary “and I need to feel you near, physically and spiritually, so that we are one heart and one mind.

I’ll leave you some pictures about the shrine of Fatima.


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