Roses and Apple puff pastry

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Preparation time 40 min
Yield 16 roses

400 g of puff pastry;
6 small apples;
1 large lemon;
2 spoons (soup) of jam the taste of your preference;
refined sugar,icing sugar and cinnamon to finalize.



Way of doing
1. cut the apples in half, remove the pit and make blades with a slicer. Place them in a saucepan with the lemon juice, sprinkle powdered sugar and boil for 3 minutes.
2. Open the puff pastry until 3 mm thick. Cut into strips with 3 cm wide and 35 cm long.
3. Brush the jelly on one side of the Strip, without excesses.
4. Row Apple slices along the Strip, but did not fully cover the width cover 1 cm of batter with slices and let 2 cm uncovered the part of Apple that stays out of the dough will form the petals.
5. fold the half Strip discovery to cover partially the Apple slices.
6. Wrap the Strip forming a rose and settle on a baking sheet lined with paper. Do the same with the remaining strips.
7. Sprinkle sugar and bake at 200° C browned the dough. Finalize sifting powdered sugar and cinnamon serve.


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