Best beach in Europe

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Portuguese is elected as the best beach in Europe, a distinction awarded by the European Best Destinations.


Galapinhos Beach, part of the Natural Park of Arrábida in Setúbal, was voted the most beautiful in Europe by netizens who voted in the contest organized by the European Best site Destinations. Greece, France Corsica, Croatia, Spain, Italy were the other countries that were counting on beaches in this vote. Voters chose the beach which forms a Bay between the Figueirinha  and portinho da Arrábida. Travelers from around the world have decided that this is the best beach of Europe, the perfect beach in unspoiled nature. Plan a romantic stay in Sintra or enjoy the wild beauty of the Azores and Madeira Luxury.

I hope you enjoyed, see you soon, bye!

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4 thoughts on “Best beach in Europe

    • Thanks​, my conurty has beautiful landscapes, beaches, fields, natural parks has villages with houses made of stone from shale etc … I love Portugal!😉

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