Wall Art

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Of Color to any room in your home

The colorful frames can brighten up any decor, but they need to be prepared in the wall correctly for that does not harm the decor of the room. The frames are usually placed at a standard height of 1.60 m from the ground, thus allowing a good viewing for people high or low. The door jamb can also serve as a reference, because the frame should not be stuck above it. In relation to the proportion of colored frames, prefer smaller models for small walls and those for walls. In larger walls, we can still use smaller frames forming a Panel to occupy a larger space. To compose with multiple frames, align the upper and lower part and create a pattern between the distances of each one, using the same for large and small frames.


There are colorful frames on the market of the most varied styles, so it is possible to find what else combines with your home and décor. Some of the best-known were the colored frames painted by Picasso with the pictures of their wives; the Jackson Pollock, with its various ink drops in all sizes and colors; The Andy Warhol with the famous colorful portraits of contemporary pop culture icons as Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara and John Lennon etc…

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