Best eyeshadow palettes I think!

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1. Urban Decay Naked3 Palette has everything you need, from mattes to glittery shadows, from something light and simple to drastic and over the edge, and even the pop of pink that’s needed every now and then.


2.Sephora Collection has everything you need! This palette has very essential nudes that everyone needs, but when you need a spark of color, this palette has you


3.Too Faced 3 Sweet Peach Palette
The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette is exactly that, sweet! With perfectly peachy pink shades, soft neutrals and darker colors this is the only palette you’ll need for beautifully bold eyes!


4.Anastasia Beverly Hills I mean let’s face it, absolutely everyone needs the Modern Renaissance Palette. You can never go wrong with Anastasia. Her palette is simply amazing and gorgeous, and a well-worth investment with super rich colors.



5.Maybelline blushed nudes palette

comes with 12 cute and pigmented colors that are perfect for everyday use or for those subtle brown smoky eyes! And the best part is that it comes with a not-so-expensive price tag making it one of the most affordable and best eyeshadow palettes!


6.Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Rose Gold Edition

This palette has super pigmented colors create eye looks amazing with shades of red, pink and Brown!  but that only proves that is one of the best of the shadow


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