​The Secret to Saving Strawberries!

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Do you know the best way to store strawberries in the refrigerator without letting them rot in mold after 48 hours? Do not know? I calculated … The miraculous and shocking formula is to immerse the fruit in hot water for a short time. In fact it is not hot water, it is water at 52º C. And in fact it is also not for a short time, it is for a very rigorous 30 seconds.Now that you have been through those feelings of shock that is seeing the red fruits bake in hot water, it is best to give some explanations. The technique was invented by Harold McGee, a food scientist who tested various temperatures and various time periods before reaching the fruity happiness formula. The findings were revealed to the world in an article published by McGee in The New York Times. And they have been tested by various blogs and news sites like the respected The Kitchn. The result has always been the same: the hot water technique retains the red fruits for longer.You just need to follow these five steps:Heat the water to 52º C on low heat (it is better to have a thermometer, but at 50º C it also works). Place the strawberries in the pan for 30 seconds, strictly timed. Remove the strawberries from the water and dry them well. Cool them and place them in a tupperware with a sheet of kitchen paper folded in the bottom and the lid partially closed. Store the tupperware in the refrigerator drawer.

The justification is that the hot water bath suppresses the development of mold on red fruits, grapes and stone fruits such as plums, peaches or cherries. The technique is called thermotherapy and is advocated in several studies by agricultural experts.


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