My 24 facts!

My facts



1.  I have 33 years
2. My birthday is in October
3. I live in London, but I’m from portugal
4. I grew up on the farm
5. I paint my blond hair honey and I have green eyes light blue is my favorite color
6. My favorite movie is pretty woman
7. My favorite movie genres are comedies, action, romance
8. My favorite book  Marley & Me
9. My favorite games the sims4
10. I love animals
11. My favorite animal is the cat
12. I don’t like snakes and spiders
13. love cooking Portuguese food
14. My favorite dish is cod with cream
15. My dessert cheesecake Strawberry and mint ice cream
16. I don’t like kiwi
17. I like strawberries, grapes and watermelon
18. I’m crazy about cheese
19. I love hot tea and ice
20. I drink coffee with milk
21. I don’t drink alcohol
22. I love plants
23. My favorite plant is the Orchid
24. trip was for France, Spain,


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