know that lipstick you wear can say a lot about you?

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What lipstick color says about you, what color lipstick says about you
You know that lipstick you wear can say a lot about you? Well, studies
and surveys show that the color of your lipstick say about your personality and what you transmit to others when you use it.
Bold, confident, dreamy, romantic, sweet, passionate, sexy, mysterious…
The great classic and color that never goes out of style. Red is the color of passion and sexuality and women who use it often on their lips are so sexy, seductive girls who like to be the .center of attention, because it is a tone that didn’t go unnoticed.
If ever you can use red lips, regardless of the chosen Tone, without doubt, she is very sure of herself, a brazen woman who loves risks and is very ambitious. And of course, this is what others think of you: a strong woman, with personality and style.
To get the most out of this shade of lipstick and dazzle, we recommend that you practice the advice on how to wear red lipstick
Oranges and corals
If you like Orange and coral lipstick, you is a woman full of joy and youth, a great dreamer who likes to try and relate to all. Your friends think you’re the optimist of the group, you know you can always count on your support and that you all is fun.
Orange lipsticks are awesome tones, so they also allow you to see who you like to change your look, who loves fashion and you have a bold stroke, you’re not afraid of any of the trends of the moment.
Intense roses
Lipstick Fuchsia and hot pink are also in fashion and are the bet very social, outgoing women and female.
The intensity of these shades reveals that has a glamorous style, but with a touch of rock at the same time, ideal for a very adventurous girl, music lover, who likes to travel and always being surrounded by good friends. In addition, Fuchsia is a color that represents a successful woman in work and social life.
Light or naked roses
Sweet, dreamy, romantic, innocent … that is that lipstick pink they say about you. It is a tone that is usually associated with femininity, sweetness and naivete, but that doesn’t mean it’s immature or too childish, but who can be defined as an ambitious woman, very intuitive and with great empathy, try to understand the following, put on your skin and it is always nice.
The nude tones the lips are also characteristic of very sweet and a little introverted women, but at the same time love naturally and are very confident, as they don’t feel the need to highlight your lips and use them as a weapon of seduction.
The violet or purple lipsticks abound in your makeup needs? So you are, without a doubt, a woman with a great confidence in yourself, very daring, with a strong personality and willing to tackle any challenge that appears in front of her.
Not all women dare to paint your lips with shades so intense and powerful as these, but for you it costs nothing to innovate and give a different touch to all your looks. Lipsticks violets also reveal which is a mysterious woman with a little bit of defiance, a combination which causes an effect of great attraction.
Brown and chocolates
Use lipstick or makeup with Brown shades of irresistible chocolate is trendy, but you know that you can pass on to others with them? You’ll find a quiet girl, a little cool and nostalgic. You know who wins your confidence is no easy task, but what is it? They will find in you a unconditional person whom you can count on whenever you need them.
They also reveal that it is a powerful and determined woman, who can you trust.

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