Products we use every day!

Hi everyone welcome back!

Today I show you the products we use daily.


I’m going to talk a little bit about the products we use daily.

1.Use the shampoo and coditioner TRESemmé to 8 years i love this this brand of shampoo.

2.Nivea shower cream just love using for years don’t get along with other brands so with nivea.

3.NEUTROGENA soap to wash my face started to use two days ago and do miracles lets face smoother.

4.NEUTROGENA dialy scrub too started using recently, yet it did not to see the result.

5.AVEENO and great for dry skin, I love this cream use it daily morning and evening lets face soft.

6.ORCHARD BLOOM and great for dry hands use it daily leaves hands soft.

7.GOT2b Schwarzkopf wonderful sentences leave the shiny hair use when out for a walk etc.

8.NIVEA anti-perspitante stress protect just perfect for use on hot days.

9.SATIN CARE Gillette use once a week pure delicate.








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