BB cream – a concept derived from the English terms beauty balm or blemish balm – is a balsam cream originating in Korea. For some time BB cream has become the favorite beauty product of many women in Asia and international markets. It is said that BB cream is a substitute for the base. The cream evenly tones the skin and hides the spots, while lighting up the face. You can apply the cream the same way you apply a moisturizer. You can also decide whether to apply makeup on BB cream, however, it is not necessary. So that you do not have doubts, in this article of a How we explain to you step by step how to apply BB cream.

needs cleaning products, BB cream steps Firstly, should clean your face before applying the BB cream – how before applying any product or type of makeup – in remove any kind of dirt or impurity. for this, you should Wash your face with your cleaning products facial usual or using a mild soap adapted to your skin type. done this, dry the face with a towel clean to remove the remains of water. we also recommend these that follow all advice of our article on how to clean daily my face. before you start to explain how should apply it, they need to remember that’s time to choose your BB cream should take into account some factors to find what better adapts to your skin, as: skin: pale, clear, brunette, … type skin (oily, mixed, sensitive, etc.) .idade, since some BB creams include effects anti-aging. in addition, if you are looking for an option most economical, also can prepare at home following steps to find in our article how to make a BB cream homemade. entering now in the application of BB cream, should start by putting a bit of BB cream in the back of your hand. then apply with your finger the BB cream in the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead, these five points will be the key to a proper application of your makeup. do not put too much number i’ll get it right add if necessary. spread the BB cream with your fingers indicator and thumb, performing a circular motion until be spread so totally uniform and so that stay almost totally invisible. this type of creams with coloring should not be applied with sponge or brush, but with the heat of their fingers until the cream is founded with your skin and apply so homogeneous, with an appearance completely natural and light.

some women choose to after applying the BB cream, apply compact to achieve greater coverage or a tone more intense. However, if you want to a result natural, should not do nothing else if you don’t expect that the BB cream dry completely and will be with a skin beautiful and natural!


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