Hi everyone welcome back!

Watch the nature, follow his example.

Everything in it resumes and is born again.

In place of pruning new shoots appear.

With water, plants thrive again (reborn).

Gradually everything changes, nothing stops, the fields torrid by the drought, become green with the falling rainwater.

The earth itself dresses differently every morning. The flowers begin to bloom, the birds give life to the earth with its beautiful songs.

It happens to us as well.

The wounds heal, the heart returns to love even after great disappointments.

The pain disappears.

The disease is overcome by health.

The calm comes after and the nervousness and stress of the work day.

The rest restores the forces we put on the brains for another day of struggle.

Start over.

Cheer up.

If need be, may your foliage and let new shoots arise, so that in the future you have good seeds to put in the field.



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