Cactus decor

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Cactus are plants of easy maintenance because they need little water and are adapted to hot and stuffy. The Cactus family plants are Cactacea, whose predominant characteristic the great resistance to high temperatures and dry climate, therefore they possess a system of intense water accumulation in their vacuoles and transformed, along your evolution, their leaves in thorns, especially to lose as little water as possible. Therefore, it is an excellent plant for the climate of most of our country!
Plants that are exposed to direct sun should be watered every 15 days. Already the plants in shaded areas, or even exposed to air conditioning, should be watered only once a month.
I always thought a lot of cacti, harmonious architectural, very nice and modern, but usually they were associated with the most rustic decorations. However, currently I have seen many inspiring and State decorations using these plants Succulents.



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