10 tips that will help you save time when makeup!

Hi everyone !

Makeup is used to highlight the strengths of the woman’s face and hiding the flaws. But, even used cosmetics throughout life, probably suspects a few secrets.

1. Take good care of the brushes and the brushes.


The brushes and fine brushes can last a lifetime. So you don’t appear worn, learn these tricks on how to keep them in good condition. First, never let them dirty, since the cosmetics are damaging their bristles. Wash them regularly with a mild shampoo or detergent. You can dry them quickly, putting them on paper towel, but do not immerse in water, because a prolonged contact can make them unusable.

2. Don’t redo makeup. Best is to refresh it.


There is no need to remove the makeup of the day, if she was a little damaged. To get rid of the brightness and refresh your makeup, apply a thin layer of liquid Foundation on your face and remove excess with paper towel. Then put a little powder compact to create a velvety effect.

3. Forget the expensive body scrubs.


If you don’t want to spend on spa procedures, can obtain a silky skin without leaving home. To do this, make your own body scrub: mix 4 tbsp sugar (Crystal is best) or salt with 3 tablespoons olive oil. You can add a few drops of aromatic oil, for example, with Lavender or orange aroma. Before bathing, apply the mixture in your arms and legs, making a gentle massage and then take a shower with warm water.

4. Cuide de seus lábios.


To make your lipstick look perfect, your lips should be soft and well cared for. But, no need to buy a special moisturizer. Mix in equal proportions brown sugar, olive oil and vanilla extract. With gentle movements, apply the scrub and massage your lips. Remove using a wet towel and then apply lipstick.

5. Do not need to buy a base for makeup in darker shade.


There is no need to have a lot of groundwork for makeup. Even in summer, if you find that your facial makeup looks very pale, can achieve a darker shade to add a little gel bronzer. It is easier and cheaper than buying a new liquid Foundation.

6. avoid excessive amounts of powder.


When you don’t have to put her makeup compact at every moment, because you run the risk of obtaining a totally unnecessary skin effect ‘ cooked ‘. Better to apply the powder once, a little before you leave home.

7. Make sure your lipstick.


So you don’t have to paint the lips constantly, apply a little powder compact in a facial towel and then press gently against his lips. This trick has another advantage: it will help prevent your teeth if you stain the lipstick.

8. perfect cat eyes? Is easy!


You can outline your eyes professionally at home. For this, you just need a duct tape and an eyeliner (pencil). Glue a piece of Ribbon at the outer corner of the eye, at the desired angle, and outline.

9. Remove excess brush mascara.


To achieve the effect of natural eyelashes and bulky, you don’t have to run a beauty salon. Take a paper towel and mascara. Spend a couple of times your mascara brush on the towel to remove the excess product and then paint the eyelashes.

10. Vaseline to remove the makeup.


Vaseline can replace your makeup remover. Just apply a small amount on a cotton ball, pass on your face and wash. Even the most difficult cosmetics.


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